Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Three-in-One Rejuvenating Serum actually The Repair Serum?

Yes! We've simply put the same beautiful serum into a different package. It is the exact same formula, made by the same manufacturer. It's even the same amount - the plastic bottle is much smaller but it holds the same amount as our previous glass bottle - 1 fl. oz | 30 ml.

How can you cut your serum price so drastically?

We recently made some big changes to the branding and packaging of our products, which cut our costs significantly. However, the biggest factor is that we now plan to distribute KELIA directly to consumers, exclusively through and Amazon. This allows us to sell our products at a much lower price point while continuing to provide the highest quality product and value.

What happened to The Moisturizer and/or The Night Cream?

Both products have been discontinued. We will share some news about a new product soon - join our email list so you don't miss the announcement.

Is Paypal the only payment option?

Yes, to keep our prices down we are currently processing all payments at through Paypal.