Woman and sunburst. We care about our connection to the world.

Our Values

At KELIA, we believe in the importance of self care, but we also know that real beauty comes from caring for and lifting up those around us. We recognize our connection to all women around the world through beauty. You can feel good when purchasing KELIA products; we will donate a portion of our profits to organizations that are committed to improving the areas where Kigelia Africana is sourced and beyond. As a brand and company we stand for progress and are committed to bettering the world, particularly by empowering women and entrepreneurs.

Social Impact

Increasing the demand for Kigelia Africana could create an additional income source for millions of households in Africa while also positively impacting the annual wage in several countries. (The Telegraph, September 21, 2014) We pledge to support the communities that provide our most important ingredient. We intend to establish and maintain relationships with local suppliers that allow us to directly source Kigelia Africana responsibly and in a way that most benefits local communities.