Kigelia Africana tree

Kigelia Africana

While the local communities of the Zambezi Valley have long taken advantage of the restoring properties of Kigelia Africana, this amazing fruit extract is fairly uncommon in the American skin care market. Kigelia trees (commonly known as Sausage Trees) grow in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in southern and southeastern Africa, with pockets in western Africa as well. The extract made from the long, oval fruits (weighing up to several kilograms each) has traditionally been used to treat almost every kind of skin condition and have been used to firm breast and other tissue. The extract has shown to be:

Kigelia Africana Fruit


Iridoids, napthaquinones and phenylpropanoids can help reduce visible inflammation and encourage self-renewal of the skin. Can be particularly calming after sun exposure.


Saponosides and flavonoids firm skin's appearance by supporting collagen and elastin production. 


Anti-aging luteolin, caffeic and ferulic acids work synergistically to enhance skin's youthful appearance by preventing cellular breakdown.


Kigelia Africana's clarifying properties combined with its soothing effects can help clear skin and minimize blemishes.


The Kelevate Botanical Complex

Botanical illustration of Kigelia Africana flower

All KELIA products have been formulated with our exclusive Kelevate™ Botanical Complex. This blend of high-performance botanicals has been thoughtfully combined to specifically boost the effects of Kigelia Africana. Together, these ingredients offer a comprehensive way to counter visible signs of sun damage and aging. The botanicals work together to:

Brighten and Add Radiance

Licorice root extract and Daisy Flower extract improve skin's radiance by helping to suppress Melanin production.

Smooth Skin and Improve Tone

Caffeine immediately creates a tightening and stimulating effect while anti-aging superstar Rhodiola Root Extract delivers a multitude of compounds that help skin appear younger, firmer, and brighter.

Hydrate and Restore

Hyaluronic acid in two molecular weights plumps fine lines and seals in moisture, allowing skin to recover and restore itself.


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